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Nightmare on Wall Street

It's A Nightmare On Wall Street!

Not since the Great Depression have so many giants of Wall Street failed. Financial institutions that have been in existence for decades are filing for bankruptcy, being eaten up by other firms, and ceasing to exist. The Wall Street Coffin is a perfect way to memorialize those firms that have made Wall Street what it is today.

We are dedicated to trying to make a difference during these tough economic
times. We are donating a total of 15% of the proceeds from the sale
of every Wall Street Coffin to "Habitat for Humanity" and "United Way".

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The Wall Street Coffin is a finely crafted miniature coffin measuring
6 1/2" long x 2 1/4" high x 2 1/4" wide. It is made of solid wood and
has a glossy mahogany finish. The interior is lined in black velvet and is
generously filled with authentic shredded U.S. currency.

Each Wall Street Coffin comes with an engraved brass plaque honoring
one of these formerly prestigious firms. Choose from:


We also offer the option of creating your own custom plaque.

Four metal handles which match the brass plaque provide the finishing touch.
The split lid gives you the option for an open or closed casket.

Each coffin is tastefully packaged in a quality gift box.

Click to order a Wall Street Coffin

15% of the proceeds from every
Wall Street Coffin sale made through
our website will be donated to
charitable organzations.



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